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they play soccer in spanish

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in soccer in spanish? - Answers

Jugar is used to say play sport. If your trying to say "to play soccer" you would say "jugar futbol(soccer in spanish)

Spanish Soccer • Culture, Facts, and Vocabulary • ConvoSpanish

Soccer is a big deal in Spain. Learn here about an important part of the culture of Spain: Spanish soccer.

They (not/play) .................soccer in the morning 11 ...

They (not/play . soccer in the morning 11.Phong,An,Ha,Lan (be

play water polo in Spanish? - Answers

Water Polo in Spanish is: polo acuático. Yo juego al polo acuático.

play/soccer/in 2008 ...

Viết thành câu hoàn chỉnh: 1, the last time/I/play/soccer/in 2008 2, room/not/dirty/so/they/not need/clean 3, unless/

They often play soccer in the ...................... A. school ...

1.They often play soccer in the . A. school gate B.school yard C.school mate D.school work

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They are playing soccer in the stadium | Lazi.vn - Cộng đồng Tri thức ...

They are playing soccer in the stadium,Giải bài tập trực tuyến - Giải bài tập Online: Giải bài tập trực tuyến, giải bài tập online, ...