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In Sanskrit "Betwa" is Vetravati. This river is mentioned in the epic Mahabharata along with the Charmanwati river [citation needed]. Both are tributaries of Yamuna. Vetravati was also known as Shuktimati. The capital of Chedi Kingdom was on the banks of this river. The length of the river from its origin to its confluence with Yamuna is 590 kilometres (370 mi), out of which 232 kilometres (144 mi) lies in Madhya Pradesh and the balance of 358 kilometres (222 mi) in Uttar Pradesh.

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Betwa River, river in northern India, rising in the Vindhya Range just north of Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh. It flows generally northeast through Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh states and empties into the Yamuna River just east of Hamirpur after a 380-mile (610-km) course. Nearly half of its

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The Betwa basin is located between 22o54' N and 26 oN latitudes and 77o10'E and 82o20' E longitude. From Barkhera in Madhya Pradesh to Bangawan in Uttar Pradesh, the river covers a distance of 590...

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5) The length of Betwa River is 573 km and coverage area is about 12620 square km. 6) 232 km of Betwa River lies in Madhya Pradesh and rest 358 km lies in Uttar Pradesh. 7) Approximately, half of the course of Betwa River is not navigable which is in Malwa Plateau. 8) The Jamni and Dhasan rivers are the main tributaries merging in Betwa River.

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Betwa River flows a north Indian river that flows in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The length of the Betwa River is 580 km and covers almost 12,620 sq km. Half of the Betwa River’s journey to river Yamuna is not navigable.

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The river has a total length of 427 km, out of which 292 km lies in M.P., 84 km in U.P, and 51 km forms the common boundary. The total catchment area of the Ken River basin is 28,058 sq. km, out of which 24,472 sq. km lies in Madhya Pradesh and the balance 3,586 sq. km in Uttar Pradesh.

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Total length of the Betwa River from its origin to its confluence with Yamuna is 573 km long with a total catchment area of 46580 Sq.Kms. Rampant violations of environmental norms by industries and gross negligence on the part of regulatory authority are the main cause of river pollution [4]. The River Betwa plays

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Length: 427 KM. Waterfalls : Pandav fall( near Panna) Betwa. The Betwa or Betravati is a river in Northern India and a tributary of the Yamuna. It rises in the Vindhya Range just north of Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh and flows north-east through Madhya Pradesh and Orchha to Uttar Pradesh. Origin: Vindhya Range. Length: 590 km. Mouth: Yamuna River